Human Rights

Report on Human rights violations in the country

This afternoon, NUP Leaders led by the Party Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya, Party Spokesperson Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi alongside several other comrades appeared before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament to deliver a status report on human rights violations in the country.

Among the issues which were highlighted included torture, illegal detention, extra-judicial killings, attack on the media, attack on the freedom of assembly, abductions, enforced disappearances, electoral malpractices, etc.

They went with ten representatives of victims of the human rights violations, including Eddy Mutwe, the wife of comrade Kalanzi Ashraf who is at Kitalya, comrade Masereka Samuel, comrade Ssebuganda Richard, the wives of Damulira John who was abducted in 2020, and others who lost limbs as a result of state sanctioned torture.

These leaders made several recommendations to the Committee, but emphasised that as long as we have a regime which is ready to do anything to keep itself in power illegally, there can be no solution to the rampant violations of human rights. This is because as things stand, the Museveni regime is maintained in power through intimidation and torture.

As the National Unity Platform, We shall continue doing everything within our power to give a voice to the voiceless victims of the brutal regime.

Read the report here

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