About NUP


The National Unity Platform is a political and social liberation political party duly registered under the laws of Uganda. We are a progressive, social democratic organisation, guided by the principles of servant leadership, equality, transparency, accountability, freedom, liberty and social justice.

Our Values

Our struggle and work is built on the following values: Discipline, Reliability, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Fidelity and Service.

Our Vision

The vision of the Platform is to build a Free, United, Prosperous and Democratic Uganda which empowers citizens, adheres to the rule of law, ensures dignity, and provides equal opportunities for all.

Our Mission

Our mission everyday is to rally the people of Uganda to exercise their power and build a free, united, prosperous and democratic Uganda.

Our flag and colors

The National Unity Platform has a distinctive flag comprising of colors red, white and navy blue.

Core Governance Issues

The NUP shall seek the mandate of the people of Uganda to govern the country and work for the following core Governance issues:

National unity and reconciliation.

Sovereignty of the people.

Guarding Uganda’s national independence.

Dynamic, mixed economy with a strong social conscience.

Respect for human rights, constitutionalism and the rule of law.

Gender equality.

Zero tolerance for corrupt practices.

Lean and efficient public administration.

Strengthening of state institutions.

Respect for cultural diversity.

Equal access to quality public services, especially healthcare and education.

Eradication of poverty.

Economic, political and social cooperation with other nations and organisations.

Equitable distribution of national resources.

Security for all persons and their property.

For the past 50 + years Uganda has been riddled with alot of problems. Some of these include corruption, failed and non performing institutions, a poor health and education sector among others. The current government came into power with a promise of solving these issues, yet in some cases things have become worse. This has been the most corrupt government in the history of Uganda, it has presided over the death of more than 5 million citizens through provision of poor health services including expired medicines among others, it has also failed to create jobs for its citizens and there by resorting to empowering government insiders to enslave and trade Ugandans in the middle east and at home. These are just a petite sample of the things that the  National Unity Platform is set  to change.

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