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NUP registrars urged to issue membership cards to people in person

Our comrades from Gomba district have foiled a plan by regime officials who intend to procure our party membership cards in bulk and utilize them for politicking.

We are reliably informed that some regime officials want to but our NUP cards and distribute them to people whom they will later unveil to Gen. Museveni as converts in his looming Gomba district visit slated for next month.

In light of this, our district registrars and focal persons are advised to issue membership cards to people in person, as opposed to giving them out in bulk.

Our supporters are therefore asked to reach out to registrars in person, instead of delegating people to collect the membership cards on their behalf.


Queries have been arising from our esteemed supporters seeking to know about provisions of digital registration for membership, whether or not to register for the second time, among other things.

Well comrades, to set the record straight; we wish to reiterate that the mass registration drive is targeting NEW members who have never registered with us and therefore those who had already subscribed to our membership should NOT register again in the ongoing exercise. For our diaspora comrades seeking clarity on the digital enrollment process, we are tirelessly working with our technical team to see how that provision can be put in place.

Note: Membership Cards can be accessed from our respective district registrars and focal persons at an affordable price of UGX 1,000

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