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UPDATE: What was discussed on our leadership school

Yesterday, a team of our party leaders led by the Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya and party treasurer Benjamin Katana heeded to summons by the Uganda Police Director for Human Resource Development and Training Mr. Kafeero Moses Kabugo who in a June 28th letter addressed to us on behalf of the Inspector General of Police , sought to understand the status of our school.

In the meeting according to our team, the following questions were raised;

  1. Why did you establish the school?
  2. ⁠How many learners are there?
  3. ⁠ How are they admitted? What is the target group?
  4. ⁠Who are the facilitators? Are they all domestic or do they include foreigners?
  5. ⁠Who funds the school? What’s the duration of programs?
  6. ⁠ Most importantly, what’s the content covered?

They said that the meeting was prompted by the information they have that the school teaches violence and how to remove the regime based on models used in other countries!

We emphasized that this is a Party function, where we train leaders in different aspects of leadership and citizenship.

Ultimately, they said they will continue monitoring the activities of the School, which we have no problem with because we’re operating within the framework of the law.

We strongly objected to their request that every week we submit to the DPC Kira Road Police, the topics to be covered by the different facilitators!

In the end, we told them it’s our hope that this is not the first step in trying to close down the school!

It should be noted that the regime has often suppressed every efforts to promote civic education and awareness in fear of awakening the citizenry. We do believe that their idea to monitor our school activities is in line with their suffocation of civic education.

It is also important to understand that the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi was annexed by the regime in power and owned as an organ of the party where indoctrination of the regime ideology persists. NALI by its foundational principle was meant to be a non-partisan institution that trains leaders with patriotism and political ideology among others but all this was usurped by the regime in power.

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Tamale Musa

July 6, 2024

Great work. Dont be intimidated