Three day retreat for the Opposition’s parliamentary front

This week, our parliamentary team together with all other forces of change within Parliament convened in a 3 day retreat. 

The purpose of the retreat was to study and adopt a new approach to the national budget ahead of the next financial year, a departure from the old practice of responding to the government’s recycled proposals

The mandate of these forces of change is to keep the government in check and it is their duty to deeply study the prepositions of the government and put some level of imagination and produce alternatives. 

The mandate is to produce alternatives but not to support, not to clarify and not in any way recommend or patch up government policies. They are not supposed to clean up the mess created by the government but rather offer citizens a cleaner and better alternative.

During a 13-hour brainstorming session, Ministers from the shadow cabinet made presentations of the priorities of their respective sectors for the next Financial Year.

In line with opposition’s parliamentary force core mandate of keeping the regime in check, they are dedicating time to scrutinize their proposals, identify the mismatch, the theft, misallocation etc of the national resource envelope.

At the end of the process, the citizens will know how we would prioritize their needs if this is a democracy where the citizens’ voice counts. 


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