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President Kyagulanyi delivers message of harmony in Lwengo

On Saturday May 18th, at Manja village, Kisekka Sub County in Lwengo District, the President H.E Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert was part of the mourners attending the send off of Mr. Pascal Ssekasamba, a UK based Ugandan businessman who died last month in London.

Accompanied by the Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro and other MPs, the President condoled with the family and eulogized the deceased Pascal as a key business pillar in the UK based Ugandan community. He equally expressed his thoughts and sympathies with the bereaved family of Mr. Pascal who succumbed to heart complications at his residence in East London on April 8, 2024.

Addressing mourners, the composed President asked Ugandans to hold him in prayers while he continues to advocate for regime change.

“Hold me in prayers because I found myself in a situation whereby when I am fighting the enemy, I have to fight with one hand and the other hand has to shield off my very own who detract me while I’m fighting the enemy. This is absurd but all shall be well,” he said. “The enemy uses one of your very own. A person you hold in high regard, and that one you adore so much. That’s the very person he will use,” he added.

The President also recounted regime narratives that were hatched by propagandists to discredit him before the public. He cited ‘tribalism’ which was the initial narrative peddled to paint a picture that the National Unity Platform party is a tribal outfit, but the inclusive structural set up of the Secretariat phased out this narrative.

On the flaring tensions that manifested at the burial, the President calmly appealed for harmony and informed the public that the enemy of Uganda is nobody but Gen. Museveni and his NRM regime.

“Museveni is the enemy. We may not be friends but we have a liberation agenda to pursue,” he said. He equally dismissed allegations of holding vendetta against some leaders but rather maintained that he only disagrees with people on principle. “I am not doing these things because of hatred, I can disagree with you but let us look at the bigger picture. People have hope in us and whatever we are doing now, these young children are looking and it is what they are going to do in future because people do not listen on what you told them but they follow what you are doing,” he said.

Father Henry Kasule, the priest for Kyanukuzi parish, Lwengo District slammed politicians who betray their followers over “small bribes” and derail from the expectations of the electorate.

“Many people change. Politicians have let most of us down. They are so unreliable. They change over small amounts of money without minding about their followers. Please have some sense of shame. What’s your value ?”, he said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday May 22nd, the President will again lead the entourage of party leaders to Kamuli District for the renewed #NUPCountryWideTour. They will proceed to Bugweri on May 23rd, Pallisa on May 24th, and Tororor on May 25th, and that shall mark the end of the first week. The program shall proceed for the following 4 consecutive weeks as elaborated in the infographics below:

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Robert Lubwama

May 20, 2024

Can the speech be translated to English since it addressed slot of lies that were peddled by the old folks. Our people might fail to read but are good at watching or listening