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President issues statement on US sanctions on corrupt regime officials

President Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has in a public statement shared on his social media platforms welcomed the fresh US sanctions slapped on the speaker of parliament Anita Among and other corrupt regime officials.

The statement came moments after the US Department of State publicly designated at least five current and former Ugandan regime officials pinned in significant corruption and gross rights violations of human rights.

See full US statement via this link

Full President’s statement on US sanctions on the speaker:

The United States of America has today announced new sanctions against Anita Among for engaging in serious corruption as Speaker of Parliament.

Also sanctioned are Amos Lugolobi, Agnes Nanduttu and Mary Goret Kitutu for engaging in corruption related to the #KaramojaIronSheets.

Very significantly, the USA has also announced sanctions against Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu (the immediate past Deputy Chief of Defence Forces) who commanded the killing of over 150 Ugandans in Kasese in 2016.

We welcome these sanctions and appreciate the Government of the United States for listening to the cry of the oppressed people of Uganda. It has been our call to the civilised world not to keep a blind eye to the impunity perpetrated by the Museveni regime. We hope more individuals and organizations responsible for the suffering of our people will be sanctioned.

This sends a clear message to those responsible for gross violations of human rights; those responsible for the plunder of our nation’s resources, that yes, today they control all institutions that should be holding them accountable, but they are not far from accountability.

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