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NUP reaffirms Masaka significance in mega showdown

Our political dominance in the significant opposition stronghold of the greater Masaka has been indisputably reaffirmed by the people despite the regime propaganda that had earlier shown otherwise and speculated a low turn up at our rally.

Friday was our second approved rally after Mukono but the day began sadly with some of our comrades succumbing in a motor accident around Nsangi township. On our way to Masaka, a tragic accident claimed at least three lives (may their souls rest in peace).

The journey to Masaka has been bumpy with so many antagonistic forces that tried to deter our caravan from reaching our change yearning comrades in the greater Masaka. We were a formidable force of revolutionaries comprising party leaders, elected leaders, entertainers, foot soldiers and the common people that trekked through multiple security barricades and still hit our destiny at Masaka recreation grounds.

At around 3pm, we were greeted by teargas and sound bombs as our entourage was barred from using the main road leading to the venue. We were prompted to use alternative dusty and impassable routes as the regime aimed to fatigue our comrades and tactically demoralize the people from following us all to the venue, but this was never the case as the people exhibited resilience. We touched base at Masaka recreation grounds at around 5:30pm. The attendance was past capacity and some people had to use raised structures to feast on our revolutionary message that was being relayed by our leaders.

Our Deputy spokesperson comrade Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro vowed to remain on course and rallied the oppressed people to remain steadfast and firm.

The secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya applauded the warm reception. “Masaka has sealed it today. We thought Mukono had set a serious record but Masaka has made history. I believe comrade Zaake must be worried because we are coming to Mityana soon,” he joked. “I call on you to embrace the ongoing registration exercise. Reach out to your focal persons and registrars to get membership cards,” he appealed.

The party spokesperson also Leader of our parliamentary front Rt. Hon Joel Ssenyonyi first applauded the people of Buddu for massively turning up.
“We were worried about what attire to wear because some people here banned our overalls. We want to appreciate the people of Masaka for this massive welcome. We had booked the liberation square but these people changed our venue to this one and made us meander through very remote places but to their shame, you’ve shown up in large numbers, he said. Comrade Joel also despised corruption and the corrupt and stated that Masaka has been a historical opposition stronghold.

“You’ve detested the regime for its bad policies, gross rights abuses and corruption. Our president mandated me to lead the parliamentary front and tasked me to be firm and fight corruption and the corrupt. We will turn no blind eye on anybody who steals taxpayer money and as NUP we are ready to fight anybody who steals.You’ll see more sanctions coming through. The thieves will not steal from us anymore and enjoy their wealth elsewhere,” he added before police again tried to disperse the crowds with teargas in the middle of Joel’s speech. The LoP called on them not to show impunity. “You policemen, we promised to pay each of you well with the least earning 1m. But you’re antagonistic. We speak for you. Please stop harassing us. We’ve already had enough of your brutality and disruptions before we came here,” he reiterated.

Our MPs, leaders and artistes were invited to speak to the crowds which they successfully did. On his party, Comrade Kanyike Evans assured the President that the people of Masaka are sober minds that know what is wrong and right. “Masaka is not for anybody but belongs to the people. We are with you Mr. President. We historically escorted past leaders into leadership and we guarantee that we shall trek with you to liberation,” he said.

The Deputy Presidents H.E Jolly Mugisha (western) and Dr. Lina Zedriga Waru (Northern) invited the President to address the people. The President first charged the crowds with the popular Nalumansi song, before preaching his message.

He also applauded the people of Buddu for the warm welcome and thanked them for overwhelmingly voting against the regime. He also added that the party would not make any other mistakes by fronting leaders who go against the people’s will and party values.

He further laughed off the saboteurs of the party activities and affirmed that the revolutionary train is unstoppable. He condemned police brutality and double standards for selectively allowing processions of other parties but frustrating those of NUP.

The president also remembered fallen comrades like Benedicto Kiwanuka, Frank Ssenteza and others whose sacrifices for the liberation cannot be ignored. He also commiserated with Masaka on the mysterious machete attacks and attributed such to the regime, which he says uses this tactic to instil fear in the people. The president also disagreed with regime propaganda that the party has any internal conflicts as peddled by some media outlets.

The president also emphasized the need for focus on the bigger cause for liberation and removal of all corrupt leaders. He urged all Ugandans to join hands and tackle corruption, which he maintains has delayed nation growth. The rally ended quite late at 7pm and the president led the troops back to the capital.

However, as expected along the way while we returned to Kampala, the police issued a statement announcing a ban on our activities citing the tragic Maya accident as a key ground to end our mobilization tour. We however maintain that the tour is to proceed as programmed and indeed on June 4th next Tuesday, we will be in Mityana.

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