NUP reaches out to NEMA Demolition victims in Lubigi

On Tuesday, the National Unity Platform party leadership led by the Secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya reached out to the victims of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) evictions. The operations which began at the start of this month have left scores of people homeless, destitute and in a state of despair.

Some of the relief items extended to the stranded families in Lubigi included food items and tents to improvise temporary accommodation. The people have been facing mosquito bites in this infested sanctuary, ever since their houses were razed down by excavators.

The Secretary General extended a message of solidarity and support to the people, and condemned Government for selectively demolishing property of the poor, while that of the wealthy for instance Stabex international and Buganda Combuca are not tampered.

He urged the people to rise and challenge NEMA’s decision to evict them without offering them compensation and another place of abode.

“..this humiliation can only come to an end if we the people, collectively say it is enough,” Rubongoya said in a statement posted on his X handle.

A June 17th visit by our parliament front leader Rt. Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi and other MPs was thwarted violently by police and military and ended in a melee as security used live ammunition and teargas to disperse the crowds that had gathered to hear from their leaders.

Over 215 homes have left at least 1,000 residents homeless with NEMA hell bent on destroying livelihoods and property belonging to people who legally acquired land as per the documentation signed by local council leaders, and also the remittances they have been annually committing to the Buganda Land Board.

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