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National Unity Platform’s Country-Wide Tour in Mayuge District

September 4, 2023

The National Unity Platform resumed its country-wide tour, commencing in the vibrant Mayuge District, Uganda. This event underscores NUP’s commitment to the people of Mayuge and its vision for a more prosperous and equitable Uganda. Distinguished leaders from the National Unity Platform, including MPs, regional representatives, and top leadership from the Secretariat, graced this significant occasion.

Key Highlights of the Mayuge District Visit:

Inauguration of the NUP Party Office: The day commenced with the official inauguration of the NUP Party Office in Mayuge town, symbolizing NUP’s dedication to grassroots engagement and local representation.

Address to the People: President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, accompanied by Secretary-General David Lewis and Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe, the Opposition Chief Whip in the Parliament of Uganda and NUP Vice President Eastern Region, led this momentous occasion.

In his address, President Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert highlighted several critical issues affecting the people of Busoga and the entire nation, including:

Gratitude to the People of Busoga: President Kyagulanyi expressed appreciation to the people of Busoga for their unwavering support and overwhelming votes for the NUP in recent elections.

Restoring Livelihoods: Highlighting the tragic loss of lives in the waters of Victoria under the Museveni government, he pledged to prioritize the return of the lake to the people of Busoga, emphasizing its importance as the primary livelihood through fishing.

Wealth Distribution: President Kyagulanyi decried the Museveni regime’s practice of consolidating wealth within the extended family, promising that such practices would not persist under NUP leadership. His message underscored the importance of Ugandan riches benefiting all Ugandan citizens.

Land Evictions: The President addressed the issue of land evictions in Busoga and the mortgaging of resources like sugarcane and coffee, emphasizing the need to protect the rights of the people.

Economic Liberation: The President urged Ugandans to unite for their economic liberation, citing the control of the mining industry by the Museveni family as an example of the exploitation of national wealth.

Empowering the Youth: President Kyagulanyi acknowledged the education challenges in the district, characterized by a high dropout rate attributed to the unaffordability of school fees and the alarming prevalence of teenage pregnancies, which jeopardize the prospects of our young population. He affirmed NUP’s commitment to prioritizing investments in both healthcare and education as a means to unlock opportunities and secure a brighter future for our youth.

Restoring Democracy: President Kyagulanyi called upon the people to rise up and demand the restoration of their democracy and voice, drawing parallels with recent events in Gabon as an example of autocrats paying the price for oppressing their people.

Empowering Security Forces: President Kyagulanyi promised improved compensation and fair treatment for the police and military, acknowledging their contributions and vowing to end the misuse of security forces for consolidating power.

Justice for Detainees: He called for the release of political detainees, including Olivia Lutaaya, who have been held without just cause.

Debt and Corruption: President Kyagulanyi highlighted the excessive national debt and corruption, pledging to end the misappropriation of funds and the misuse of public resources for political gains.

Call for Unity: He emphasized the importance of unity and the need to spread the message of change across Uganda. President Kyagulanyi urged the people of Uganda to join in spreading the message of change, reclaiming their democracy, and demanding that power be returned to the people.

Upcoming Tour Stop: The next stop of NUP’s country-wide tour will be in Busia on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.

This article has been authored by Dr. Daniel Kawuma, the NUP Diaspora Team Leader.

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