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Comrade Mwesigwa Eric burnt with a hot iron during his kidnap

We’ve been looking for Comrade Mwesigwa Eric, who was kidnapped by regime agents, for the past two weeks. He reappeared a few days ago, with torture marks on his body.

In his narration, he describes being burned with a hot iron as his tormentors asked what “our next plan” is, and a negative response resulted in more pain being inflicted on him.

He was driven and dropped off in an unknown location by his captors, and he was only rescued by a good Samaritan who brought him to Kyebando, where he was able to receive his first treatment.

There will always be a reckoning for people like Wangadya, the chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission, who make a mockery of such instances of gross human rights violations.

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Musiimenta Isameli

September 2, 2023

Am c/p team no sleep in bwambara Rukungiri we need member cards