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Commemorating two years of the November Killings masterminded by the regime

Today marks exactly two years since the state murdered peaceful Ugandans on Kampala streets and scores more in other parts of the country, leaving them with injuries after our President, Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, was arrested while campaigning in Luuka district.

In the days that followed, Gen. Yoweri Museveni admitted that the state was responsible for the murder of Ugandans and promised to compensate the families of some of those who died during this period of bloodshed. He also directed a more thorough investigation and prosecution of the culpable officers.

To date, Gen. Museveni and his regime have neither compensated the families nor have the police published the outcome of their investigation, let alone held anyone accountable for the heinous killings. The victims of this state-inspired brutality are yet to receive justice.

The acts of November 18th and 19th, 2020, were a continuation of the regime’s clampdown on opposition supporters, especially those that showed open support for the National Unity Platform, and our president, Hon. Kyagulanyi, as we moved towards the 2021 general elections.

So, today, we remember not only the 54 who were killed on the two dark days of November 2020 but the many Ugandans who have been killed since August 2018 in Arua, those who have been abducted and disappeared as well as the comrades facing politically motivated charges.

We also continue to demand accountability of our supporters who were abducted by the state during the general elections. The regime has on some occasions admitted that many of our supporters were in its custody, and indeed, some were released albeit in bad shape, maimed, with multiple wounds, and in immense pain owing to the torturous treatment they were subjected to by the state while in detention.

A few days ago, the Attorney General, Hon Kiryowa Kiwanuka appeared before the UN Committee Against Torture where he tried to conceal the glaring abuses.

We invite the regime to respect the Constitutional provisions on rights and freedoms especially Article 29 which guarantees the right of every citizen to free speech, expression, assembly and association.

We shall not tire of demanding justice for those who have so far been killed and all the political

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kabajja joshua

November 20, 2022

It was true dat it all happened, coz even in ma place lugazi they were wrecklessly driving since they had orders from above “the bus driver”