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A run through of our activities

The National Unity Platform through its leaders at different stages and comrades has continued to engage in activities across the country . The National Unity Platform utilizes these activities as a tool of mobilization to rally people to take the appropriate action towards the mismanagement of their country. Read through to understand what the National Unity Platform has been up to in the recent past.

January 26, 2023.

Visit to Mukono South Constituency

On the invitation of Hon. Abdullah Kiwanuka – the NUP elected Member of Parliament for Mukono South Constituency, the Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya and several other leaders met with our elected leaders and mobilization teams in Mukono South.

During the meeting, they discussed and exchanged ideas on how quickly we can liberate our country from a military regime.

He thanked them for their efforts over the years and challenged them to do even more to further the cause.

January 28, 2023

Sending off comrade Hon. Toolit Simon Akecha

Our leaders joined mourners in Acholiland at the sendoff of our comrade, Hon. Toolit Simon Akecha. At the time of his death, Comrade Toolit served as the NUP’s acting head of research and policy.

From our interactions with him and his family, you can tell that Hon. Toolit never enjoyed his earthly life, precisely because of his beliefs and conscience. 

He started out with an illustrious career working with present-day URA, initially the Revenue and Income Department. He was later accused of supporting Dr. Kizza Besigye and the Reform Agenda. He was later charged with supporting LRA rebels and spent two years at Kigo Prison. During this period, he lost a lot of his businesses and property. His job was immediately advertised. 

He was acquitted by court and was awarded over 480m shillings in damages for his unlawful arrest, but this money was never paid to him until his death. 

Hon. Toolit went on to contest and became the MP for Omoro County in 2006. Unfortunately, a short while after, he was involved in a nasty accident as he returned from peace-talks with the LRA. He never recovered from this accident, which eventually contributed to his untimely death. 

He contested again, and won elections but was rigged out. At some point while he was pursuing an election petition, he was abducted and held incommunicado to prevent him from appearing in court. His captors asked him why he was harassing then Deputy Speaker of Parliament! 

While our Secretary General visited the family in the wake of the tragic news, the widow showed him graves of his two children who passed on a few years back- further evidence to show how much he suffered in this earthly life. 

We all saw how the regime handled the recent by-election, in which he was the main contending candidate..

In all this, Hon. Toolit never sold his conscience. He remained committed to the struggle for a better country, even when many of his contemporaries sold out or simply gave up. 

What an honourable man, he was. Uganda and Acholiland have lost an icon, whose name shall always be remembered. May his soul rest eternal peace!

Rest in peace comrade Simon

February 1, 2023

NUP women’s wing

Members of the NUP women’s wing, led by Hon. Kalule Flavia Nabagabe, visited our comrades Olivia Lutaaya and Nakalema Tasha, who are detained at the Luzira and Kigo women’s prisons, respectively, this morning.

Olivia Lutaaya, a mother, has been detained and denied bail for nearly two years after being arrested in May 2021 on charges of being in possession of explosives and fire arms, while Tasha is being held on murder charges in connection with an incident that occurred near her workplace.

These crimes are only motivated by the dictatorial regime’s desire to persecute opposition activists. Let us continue to work hard to ensure that all political prisoners who are still detained are released.

February 2, 2023

Extending support to families of our comrades

We managed to provide support in the form of school requirements to the children of our comrades who are still in prison, those who have been murdered by the regime, and those who have been abducted and are still missing, as these children return to school for the forthcoming term.

We will continue to support our comrades’ families in any way we can, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that these comrades regain their freedom.

February 4, 2023

The Secretary General’s Visit to Nakaseke

On the invitation of Hon. Allan Mayanja Ssebunya and Councilor Lydia Nambyeeya, the Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya and other comrades traveled to Nakaseke Central Constituency, Nakaseke District, today afternoon, where they interacted with our leaders.

They talked about and exchanged great ideas for accelerating our fight for good governance.
He also commended them for their ongoing efforts to ensure that our struggle continues despite the numerous challenges they face on a daily basis.

February 2, 2023

The First Lady pays a visit to the Late Kamyat Nangobi’s Family

Mama Barbie Kyagulanyi and Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro traveled to Dema village in Buyende district today to visit the children of the late Kamuyat Nangobi Namuli, one of the victims of the November 2020 Kampala killings.

They brought them the good news of a good Samaritan who has agreed to pay for one of the Kamuyat’s children’s education until they finish school. We are grateful to those who continue to assist families affected by the regime’s brutality.

They also brought some necessities with them, which they delivered to the family. Thank you very much, Mama.

February’s 2, 2023.

NUP Mobilization

We thank Comrade Nyanzi Fred Ssentamu, our national mobilization secretary, and his team in the Kunga program for the activities they have carried out in western Uganda.

They have been able to establish our mobilization committees in several districts across western Uganda.

We are continuing to raise awareness about the importance of taking action against mismanagement in their country through the Kunga campaign.

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Mpendo Charles

February 5, 2023

That how I feel happy with my party
I will stand with you again and again


Dumba Keneth

February 5, 2023

Thank you for the good work done. Keep it up.


Kafeero drake

February 6, 2023

L love nup